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Energy Guys gone Crypto

Energex is a cryptocurrency mining company focused in Appalachia (PA, OH, WV). Our management team combines 20 years of experience in gas operations, engineering, and IT management. Our breadth of experience in the natural gas space allows us to deliver vast amounts of low cost power with high uptime, maximizing mining profitability. We utilize long-standing relationships with gas operators and technicians from our service fleets to continuously locate and capitalize on natural gas power sources suitable for cryptocurrency mining.



A new home for your mining equipment


We utilize off-grid, natural gas resources to generate low cost energy to fuel our mining operation. We mitigate environmental concerns and increase uptime by utilizing efficient natural gas turbines. Our power costs are all-inclusive in the hosting rate


Our team provides 24/7 support toward maintaining maximum uptime on power generation. We also provide services including hardware restarts, cleaning, filter replacements, and 24/7 security


Our cloud-based monitoring platform lets you monitor your mining performance, uptime, and rewards. We also support the ability to modify or update firmware for performance or maintenance purposes

Hosting Packages

We offer three levels of hosting services with each level gaining additional mining support



Contact us today to learn more about our hosting packages and service offerings

Email: info@energex-tech.com

Phone: +1 (724) 288-6398